About Ray


Ray Reeves

Ray Reeves was born in Broken Hill in 1967 where he grew up and became interested in painting from a young age. A bit of a rascal at school he was encouraged to paint to channel his boundless youthful energy which oftentimes got him into mischief.

He left the dry, harsh bush of the south in search of adventure and found Darwin where the exoticness of the tropics inspired him; the magnificent sunsets, the diverse peoples, landscape and wildlife igniting his passion for painting.

His colourful artworks reflect his keen interest in the natural world and his favourite achievements in art have been the large scale paintings he has donated to local charities; Womens Cancer Foundation, Careflight and SAS to name a few.

A self-taught artist Ray enjoys experimenting with colour and his paintings are his energetic, bright and happy observations of life in Darwin, where he has now called home for 20 years.